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Example of chrysophyta
Example of chrysophyta

Example of chrysophyta

Download Example of chrysophyta

Download Example of chrysophyta

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"Chrysophyta" definition: a division of mostly freshwater eukaryotic algae having the (29 of 391 words, 11 definitions, 1 usage example, pronunciations).

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The Chrysophyceae should not be confused with the Chrysophyta, which is a more Although "chrysophytes" is the anglicization of "Chrysophyta", it generally Examples: Striatella, Hydrosira, Fragilaria. Phylum Chrysophyta (golden algae). Golden algae are mostly photosynthetic, and most are single-celled. They live in. Chrysophyta. Chrysophyta (kr?sof??t?) [key], phylum (division) of unicellular marine or freshwater organisms of the kingdom Protista consisting of the diatoms

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Feb 25, 2013 - Chrysophyta (kri-SO-fa-ta) is derived from two Greek roots meaning golden Dinobryon, for example, is isogamous and individual vegetative The Chrysophyta are the golden-brown algae and diatoms, which respectively Some other colonial species are much larger, for example, Cladophora, DEFINITIONS OF: division Chrysophyta. 1 Visual Thesaurus. WORD FAMILY. division Chrysophyta; the "division Chrysophyta" family. USAGE EXAMPLES. Brief discussion of the group, also called golden algae, which is found in fresh water, particularly lakes. Includes information on some subgroups.GOLDEN ALGAE. Chrysophyta. Often occur as tiny single cells, with yellow-green or golden-brown pigments; have two whip-like flagella and a third appendage

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